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Product Name: Armor Rod/Repair Rod

Product Number: 035

Product Details


Application and Function:

The armor rods are used to keep the conductor from the vibration, clamp compressive stress, friction and abrasion, electric arc and other damages,and are always installed in the ship-type suspension clamp and support insulators. The armor rods and repair could repair the damaged conductor and make it recover the primary mechnical intensity and electric capability.

The structure of the  armor rods  is simple and a set of structural reinforcing rods become an empty pipe and enlace, hold and protect the conductor.

According to the different materials, it has three type Armor rods, as below:

1.Armor Rod or repair for ACSR

2.Armor Rod or Repair for Aluminum Stranded Conductor

3.Armor Rod or Repairing for Galvanized Iron Wire Strands

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