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Product Name: Armor Rods for ACSR

Product Number: 034

Product Details

Application and Function:

The armor rods are used to keep the conductor from the vibration , clamp compressive stress ,friction and abrasion , electric arc and other damages.The structure of the armor rods and short armor rods is simple and a set of rods become an empty pipe and enlace ,hold and protect the conductor. The product is suitable for the standard  rods for ACSR, it always installed in the ship-type suspension clamp and support insulators.And it will not be used in splice or repair sleeve.


1. The structural reinforcing rods holding the conductor tightly, avoid slip of conductor, and so that minimized the abrasion of conductor.
2. Due to the grip flexibility of structural reinforcing rods, it will keep the conductor from loosen.
3. The raw material have been dealed with stainless, so that to keep excellent corrosion resistance.
4. Installed by hand directly, no need special tool.
5. Easy to guarantee the quality of installation, inspectioned by optic view without special trainning.
6. The structural reinforcing rods is an usual fitting, it can be matched with different clamps.

Tags: Cable Fitting
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