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Product Name: T-Connectors

Product Number: 031

Product Details


Application and Function:

T-Connectors mechanically join slack span laterals (TAP) to verticaly spaced primaries (RUN) which can be reached by bucket truck. Extra poles can be eliminated while permitting equal spans for street lighting.

A pair of T-Connectors installed back-to-back provide a midspan junction for vertically spaced primaries. Poles can be set back from intersections and buck-arms eliminated.

Holding Strength:

T-Connectors are conservatively rated at 25% of the RBS (rated breaking strength) of the smallest conductor. Because of their intended use on slack span laterals or junctions of continuous conductors, mechanical requirements are not expected to approach 25% RBS.

Line Angles:

Slack span laterals (TAP) should not exceed the line angle shown in the illustration, to insure ease of application and to avoid over stressing the T-Connector.



T-Connectors, both regular and reducing types, are designed to a minimum conductivity of 100% of the smallest conductor.T-Connectors are primarily mechanical holding devices. To insure proper long term electrical current transfer, it is suggested that a jumper or shunt be connected directly between the run and tap conductors so that the T-Connector alone is not required to transfer the current.


All conductors, new or weathered, must be thoroughly scratch-brushed until bright and clean. Immediately thereafter, an industry accepted inhibitor (compatible with the conductor) should be applied before installing the product.






















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