Jumper Wire Splice Connector

Jumper Wire Splice Connector

Intended to butt-splice two conductors on tension pole, play an electrical connection role, not bear co…

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ADSS Cable

ADSS Cable

ADSS (All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cab…

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OPGW Cable

OPGW Cable

OPGW cable is mainly used in 500KV, 220KV and 11…

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OPLC Cable

OPLC Cable

Suitable for a minefield and electronagnetic,interferen…

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Tension Dead-end for Short Span ADSS

Tension Dead-end for Shor

The tension Dead-end for adss cable is intended for tu…

Details Product#004
Tension Dead-end for Medium Span ADSS

Tension Dead-end for Medi

The tension Dead-end is intended for turning angle, co…

Details Product#005
Tension Dead-end for Large Span ADSS

Tension Dead-end for Larg

The tension dead-end is intended for turning angle, con…

Details Product#006
Suspension Clamp for Short Span ADSS

Suspension Clamp for Shor

The tangent suspension clamp for ADSS is intended t…

Details Product#007
Single Suspension Clamp for ADSS

Single Suspension Clamp f

Suspension clamp of ADSS single armor rod is intend…

Details Product#008
Double Suspension Clamp for ADSS

Double Suspension Clamp f

Double suspension clamp for ADSS, adopting double-l…

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Tension Dead-end for OPGW

Tension Dead-end for OPG

Tension Dead end for OPGW is intended to turn ang…

Details Product#010
Single Suspension Clamp for OPGW

Single Suspension Clamp f

Single suspension clamp for OPGW is intended to con…

Details Product#011
Double Suspension Clamp  for OPGW

Double Suspension Clamp

OPGW suspension clamp, adopting double-layer design,…

Details Product#012
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