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Rules for the handling, transport, construction of OPGW optical cable

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With the development of information transmission technology, long-distance based on OPGW optical cable trunk network and user networks are being created. Due to the special structure of OPGW optical cable, it’s difficult to repair if OPGW suffer damaged. So during handling, transport and construction process, we need to give particular attention to the protection of OPGW optical cable, avoiding the cable suffer injury, damage, and so on. SHENZHEN HOPE summarizes some of the rules, the specific requirements are as follows:


(1) When optical fiber cable arrived, related Department and supplier need to make a check, and do a record.

(2) Optical fiber cable should be stored upright and leave the ground 200 mm. The ground must dry, solid, smooth, and the storage warehouse asked to be fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof measures.

(3)When transport, optical cables need to be upright and pad supporting lashing after a solid wood.

(4)During transportation, loading and unloading, storage and construction, it cannot be damaged the panels or made it deformation.

(5) The cable reel can scroll a short distance, but you must make the scroll direction consistent with the cable winding direction. During rolling , shall not squeeze the fiber-optic cable.

(6) Before deliver the cable from the factory, it need to verify the disk number, the line length, and so on.

(7) The OPGW optical cable using tension stringing, in a segment between the first and last line pulleys must be greater than 0.8 m in diameter; span greater than 600 m or angle greater than 15.

(8) During construction, objects and tools which are in contact with OPGW fiber optic cable need to adopt protection measures such as glue to prevent damage cable.  

(9) The cable is not bent as possible during the construction process. Unavoidable bend must meet the minimum bending radius requirements (400 mm when installed, after installation of 300 mm).

(10) Due to fiber optic cable is not allowed bend or reversed, so when you drop line connection must use the twist connector.

(11) When installation, fixed clamps, clips and clamp, hammer, you must use special torque wrench, control cable clips clamp force.

(12) The cable wire punch bending radius shall not be less than 300 mm.

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