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Xin-Gan-Shi Power Interconnection Project in Tibetan Area of Sichuan Launched

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The Xinduqiao-Ganzi-Shiqu Power Interconnection Project, a key project of the Twelfth Five Year power grid construction in Tibetan Area of Sichuan, was launched in Kangding county, Shiqu county and Ganzi county of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture at the same time on March 20, 2012.

The 1015-kilometer-long project has a total investment of 3.215 billion yuan and takes 8 months' construction. It can connect the isolated power 'island' in north Ganzi with the main grid of Sichuan, so as to break down the bottleneck for the development of Ganzi Prefecture grid, eliminate the isolated operation of the grids in Ganzi county and Shiqu county, provide strong support to the scale development of Ganzi hydropower, and turn resource advantages into economic advantages. Therefore, it plays an important role to serve the economic and social development in Tibetan area of Sichuan, improve people's living standards, and promote the national unity and harmony.

It is learned that the Xin-Gan-Shi Power Interconnection Project is the most difficult and most challenging project in the history of Sichuan power construction. The average elevation of the lines is nearly 4000 meters. Plus the construction period is short; the traffic and weather conditions are poor. It is hard to maintain protection. Many construction sites cannot rely on mechines. So men and animals have to be employed to transport materials and tools. It is estimated that it takes almost 7000 people in the construction at its peak time. Currently 2500 people have been at the construction sites.

As China's second largest Tibetan area, Sichuan's Tibetan area occupies an important strategic status in national security and development. The backward grid development has long constrained the economic and social development in Ganzi Prefecture. Especially in Shiqu county with an elevation of 4200 meters, there are still some villages without electricity.

To strive for a leapfrog development and long stability in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, SGCC and the Sichuan government launched the power grid construction project in Tibeban area of Sichuan in November 2011 together, planning to invest 19.25 billion yuan to construct the power grid and speed up constructing 500kV grid structure in Tibetan area during the 12th Five Year.

At the same time, Sichuan Electric Power Company fully implemented the plan to assist Tibet by talents, projects, technologies, and management, adhering to the combination of power transmission and intelligence input to promote the construction and development of the power grid and enhance power supply service in Tibetan area.

Source: People's Daily (page 8, March 21, 2012)

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