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China's Installed Wind Power Capacity Tops the World

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China has become a dominant manufacturer of wind power equipment with most installed wind power capacity in the world, according to World Wind Energy Association President and Chairman of the Chinese Wind Energy Association Dr. He Dexin at 2012 Tianjin Wind Power Industry Innovation Forum. Preliminary statistics show that China's newly added installed wind power capacity was nearly 18 GW in 2011 and the total installed capacity reached 65 GW.

Dr. He said that r China's wind power industry in recent years have undergone large scale development through technology introduction, digestion and absorption, joint design and independent R&D with government support. The country is capable of manufacturing large wind power equipment. A wind power R&D system and an industrial supporting system, including wind turbines and accessories, have initially been established. Landed wind power has been greatly developed and wind power construction has been in steady progress. 

He also mentioned wind power has occupied a certain stance in China's power structure. It plays a more important role in increasing power supply, reducing greenhouse gas emission, promoting economic growth, and increasing employment. Therefore, it has also attracted enough attention from the international community. (Zhou Runjian)

Source: Economic Information Daily

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