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Power Demand of Energy-intensive Industry Continues to Grow

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According to the national electric power industry statistics recently released by the National Energy Bureau, this year from January to November, power consumption of China’s primary industry, the secondary industry and the tertiary industry hit 47.5 TWh, 1660 TWh and 238.4 TWh respectively, with an increase of 5.9%, 11.7% and 15.3% over the last year. Among them, the six energy-intensive industries, electric power, iron and steel, construction materials, nonferrous metals, and chemical and petrochemical, are still the driving forces for the power consumption growth in the country.

The six energy-intensive industries accounted for two thirds of the power consumption of the secondary industry, more than half of that of the whole society, said the National Energy Bureau in an interview with China Securities Journal. Analysts also pointed out that along with the all-round launch of domestic social housing construction, high energy-consuming industries, such as steel, construction materials, cement products industries, would further increase their demands on electricity.

Power consumption has traditionally been referred to as the ‘vane’ for economic development. Industry insiders said that the disparity of the power consumption between the secondary industry and the tertiary industry showed that the tertiary industry still occupied a small proportion in the economic structure and this also posed a question on the result of China’s economic structure adjustment. 


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