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Introduction of OPGW structure and the selection

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OPGW structure includes a optical unit and armored units, optical units bear of OPGW fiber optic communications capabilities, and armored units bear of OPGW ground . The optical unit is a core component of OPGW , the evolution and development of the optical unit to promote the development of the OPGW cable . Optical unit structure of the fiber and the transmission signal attenuation has a great influence , so the choice of the structure of the optical unit to be considered necessary mechanical protection structures to prevent the optical fiber side pressure to ensure an appropriate degree of fiber excess length , and reliable measures moisture-proof , waterproof, heat insulation .


(1)    Fiber structure type can be divided into loose tube structure and sleeve structure. Optimization to choose loose structure.

According to the information , tight structure has a smaller diameter than the loose structure. It can reduce the tower upper hand, ice load ; has the advantage of higher resistance to lateral pressure capability . But sleeve structure using high-strength fiber, making prices higher than the loose structure .and tight buffered fiber bundles in the optical fiber unit structure with almost no excess length.

Generally, when subjected to forces, such structure, the cable extension 2% , the fiber may be necessary by force. The fiber may be pulled off when a single fiber force elongation of 1% or more. Though  the probability of OPGW elongation is very low in a variety of weather conditions , such as  large ice cover , large span , big height difference. But it is difficult to ensure that fiber from axial tension, at that time, the fiber by the power of the transmitted signal attenuation will increase, so the communication effects have a certain impact .


(2)Loose structure fiber generally placed in the filler metal (plastic) pipe , with more room for adjustment to accommodate the excess length of fiber , a certain buffer role to ensure fiber in a variety of adverse operating conditions is not force to ensure that the instantaneous impact and short-term load fiber is not affected in any way . Therefore, the advantage of the loose tube structure in the I long for a more serious line in the big ice cover , large span , big height difference conditions .


Therefore, when you those from loose structure and sleeve structure , loose tube structure should be preferred .


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