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From Coal to Electricity, the Transmission Becomes More Economical and Environmentally Friendly

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Deputy Wang Kemin Suggests UHV Grid to be Built in Coal Mine Areas ;

Beijing March 12th (Wan Ni) China relies heavily on coal as the main energy resource, while the electricity development were only locally balanced. The rising problem with transmission and pollution has drawn concern from deputies of the NPC and CPPCC. The deputy of the NPC, Vice President of Jinan CPPCC, Wang Kemin made the suggestion today of building UHV grid in coal mine areas to transmit electricity instead of coal as a more economical approach.

Wang Kemin provided the actual statics. In Shandong, the grid is purely for thermal power, which accounts for 94% of the total installed capacity. In 2011, 150 million tons of coal was consumed, 70% of which was from other provinces. And the supply of coal relies increasingly on other provinces. By 2015, the shortage of electricity in Shandong will be 23 GWh at its peak. The electricity transmission strategy needs quick execution to promote the UHV grid construction and to ease the conflict between demand and supply.

On the other hand, the transportation of coal in China mainly depends on railways and highways. Coal transportation accounts for more than 50% of the total capacity of railways, which makes the railway transportation tight over a long period. Meanwhile, the needs from eastern and middle China cannot be satisfied with limited transportation capacity, making transportation one of the main bottleneck for energy supply. Highway transportation consumes fuel and diesel, making it uneconomical for transporting lower-level energy resources like coal.

"Pithead power could be utilized to transmit electricity with the waste refilled for the environment's benefit," said Wang Kemin, "It requires huge investment in a short time, e.g. grid and power plant construction. I think the adjustment is necessary; otherwise development is hard to be sustained. "

Source: Workers' Daily 

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