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The 12th Five-Year Development Route for EV Technology Released

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The Ministry of Science and Technology has just released the specific 12th Five-Year development plan for the EV technology. According to the plan, China will be focusing on technological breakthroughs and improvement, together with the implementation and upgrade for key spare parts, whole-vehicle integration and public platforms, which makes a concrete foundation for China's transformation from a large vehicle manufacturing country to one with advanced technology by 2015.

According to the plan, the strategy for electric vehicle industry consists of independent innovation, key breakthroughs and coordinated development. The technological development route advocates the integration of technological platform, convergence of the 2 polarities for model developing, and 3 major phases for industrialization. In the aspect of technological platform, battery, motor and electric control are the key technologies to be focused on. With the modularization of key spare parts as foundation, the modularization of physical powertrain and platform for power train system will be promoted, which contributes to the integration of technological platform for electric vehicles. In developing models, public city buses and private automobiles will be developed into pure electric vehicles with priority. Then it will gradually converge the 2 polarities into the middle part of the industry, popularize its mass production, and enter into the market of middle and high-end automobiles powered by fuel. In industrialization, a 3-phase strategy will be implemented. The first phase (2008-2010) focuses on the demonstration of new-energy vehicles for public service in medium and large cities. The second phase (2010-2015) aims to achieve the technological breakthroughs for the industrialization of hybrid vehicles, in order to make the sales of pure electric vehicles account for about 1% of the total sales volume among the same categories by 2015. The third phase (2015-2020) continues the promotion of the industrialization of pure electric vehicles symbolized by small EVs and launches the next industrialization generation of pure electric vehicles.

It also says that China will realize key technological breakthroughs, fully master key technologies and achieve more than 3,000 patents on the core technologies for electric vehicles among 29 technological innovation directions by 2015, e.g. whole-vehicle integration, key spare parts and public platforms. By then, innovation and industrialization system for whole-vehicle and key spare parts will be formed, together with the infrastructure for new-energy vehicles, industrial standard system and testing & evaluation system. More than 25 technological innovation platforms for energy-saving and new-energy vehicles will be built, as well as all kinds of strategic alliances for technological innovation. And a group of globally well-known enterprises for whole-vehicle and key spare parts with independent intellectual property rights will be cultivated. In promoting scale demonstration in more than 30 cities, and new business model pilots in at least 5 cities, the scaled industrialization of electric vehicle will get technological support. The strategic emerging industry of new-energy vehicles will expand rapidly, which makes China a country with an advanced energy-saving and new-energy EV industry in the world. (Reporter: Zhao Yongxin)

Source: People's Daily

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