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The Development of Connecting Fittings

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Connecting fittings bear the current in the grid connection and diversion effect, the material is usually copper, aluminum or copper-aluminum transition, with the wire connections are press-fit, bolt-type and wedge pressure type and so on.

The following types of products for the common and the latest products to do analysis and presentation.

A continuation of crimp-style fittings have a reliable electrical contact, a large flow capacity, etc., but there need crimping tool construction, and other shortcomings are not removable, generally used for substation or high voltage lines.

B bolt type fittings easy installation, removable, but there are loose bolts caused the accident may require regular maintenance.

Conventional bolt-type connecting fittings and groove clamp is used, the scope of its application leads a small, mainly used for connecting the jumper; then there's span and groove clamp, wire a large range of its application, particularly suitable for distribution network to teach the main line and branch line connecting the smaller, optional insulation cover; in recent years, the torque M clip appears, is in expansion and contraction and prevent loose bolts made ​​some improvements in performance to a certain improvement. Transition in the copper and aluminum using the traditional method is to flash welding or friction welding, high energy consumption is also a waste of production materials, and the new brazing process using its products at lower resistance, strength and more reliable.

C-type splice wedge pressure fittings are generally C-shell and trapezoidal wedge form, with the continuation of its reliable, low resistance, maintenance, etc.; to AMP clamp represented, but the installation tool of use of guns and bullets installation personnel are higher, and now the installation of multi-use hydraulic tools, the use of similar products or bolts fastening the first struck with a hammer and then tighten screws products.

D latest follow-pressure side with a generally C-gold shell and a pair of picture-in wedge, and fastening bolt, it has easy installation, connecting reliable, maintenance-free, etc.; such as creating pass clip, Xin Zhong-clamp or the like.

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