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New Products for Electric Power Fittings

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Spiral of knowledge in the power industry's use of the development, the birth of a new type of electric power tools - screw preformed wire fittings, with its use of safe, reliable, and provincial lines and effort, and other fine performance, and promote the power of gold with a revolution.

Witness to History: 2007 electrical repairs after the snowstorm, extensive use of preformed gold with products that enable fast recovery of the power supply line, thereby creating a miracle. The early 50s, the U.S. began using a pre-twisted wire technology and a great success, the product so far, has been widely used in transmission and distribution lines, cable lines and other communication lines, especially in the high-pressure, high pressure lines application. Ups and downs for decades, its unique performance advantages, the market enduring. The development of China's use of this technology is only in recent years, although the time is short, but the more traditional gold has unparalleled advantages, is now being widely used by the power companies and the transformation in the new line - conductor , ground, pull line.

Preformed helical wire electrical fittings include:

Preformed Clamp, it may replace the traditional bolt Clamp, Wedge Clamp, compression-type Clamp; its salient features: pre-twisted wire legs to form tubular structures, the natural wound the wire, clamp, high strength, grip strength, reliable, clamp grip strength is not less than 95% CUTS (wire pull-off force calculation); clamp the stress distribution on the wire, no damage conductor to improve the wire vibration capability, greatly extended the lead to use of life; simple installation, ease of construction, which can greatly shorten the construction time, without any special tools (without having to carry heavy equipment, generators and tools) to complete one operation; clip easy installation quality assurance testing can be carried out with the naked eye, without special training; good corrosion resistance, consistent with the wire material to ensure that clip has a strong anti-electrochemical corrosion.

Preformed suspension clamp: made of EPDM rubber by a drum-type package hyperbolic hoop, including hoop wrapped aluminum preformed outside the wire in the wire preformed, the loading of aluminum shell and U- card form, it can replace the various types of traditional boat-shaped clamp, the notable features of the stress hanging point spread to the entire length of pre-twisted wire, effectively reducing the static pressure and wind wires suffered vibration caused by dynamic stress, avoid Lead by the injury, greatly improving the fatigue resistance wire, extending the service life of wire; 345KV high pressure above pre-twisted wire with a parrot mouth is not terminal structure technology to ensure the tip of the discharge does not occur; pre-twisted wire can also provide reliable grip force, take a higher load imbalance in order to avoid lead slip; rubber shell with a non-magnetic high strength material, designed to streamline the structure to reduce corona generation and hysteresis loss; the clamp with a light weight , high strength materials can save both energy use can save energy, have had a positive economic benefit; the same time enhance the stiffness of wire hanging points, increasing the radius of curvature, single pivot up to 30 degrees steering angle clamp, dual pivot up to 60 degree steering angle, effectively solve the long-term problems of high drop, big question hanging over the project.

Preformed fitting follow: a prepaid type wire splice, splice preformed jumper, ground splice preformed, pre-hinged cable splice. Different situations, can replace the traditional connecting pipe clamp pressure and the pressure to take over, and groove clamp, T took over; it is generally preformed by the spiral wire, sand, sand conductive, plastic composition, depending on the requirements are different, restore the original mechanical performance, electrical performance, or both mechanical and electrical properties of restored; pre-twisted wire and cable materials, the same material, thus ensuring a good resistance to corrosion; preformed structure of stress concentration can also be dispersed, to extend the life of a conductor; installed quickly, simple, convenient, without carrying equipment, tools, manual to install, while the clamp is lightweight and flexible, strong vibration, long life, safe, reliable and, therefore, can save a lot of construction human resources and material resources.

Preformed armor lines: to protect the wires from vibration, clamp pressure stress, friction, wear, arcing and other damage, often installed in the ship and the pillars of the insulator in the clamp, and can double as Buxiu Article repair injured wire, it restores the original mechanical strength and electrical conductivity; its simple structure, the formation of a preformed wire wound air traffic control and grip on the wire leads, wires spread the stress and improve the capacity of wire vibration, extension cord with life, easy to install quality assurance. Preformed new electric power tools products, more and more by customers. Through this comparison, it has become the unique properties that challenge the traditional electric power tools, the most value of the product.

Appendix: Comparison of typical product data tables used   

Name Model Price (yuan / set) Installation Number (pcs / sets) Time-consuming installation(H / set) The total labor cost (yuan) Energy costs(Yuan / set) Equipment consumption Fee (yuan) The total cost(Yuan) Other Help
Wedge Tension UT-shaped) NUT-2(70) 30 2 2 40 / / 70 Stress concentration Damage wire
Power cable tension DN2413 28 1 0.3 6 / / 34 Distributed stress concentration
Compressed Clamp NY-300Q 100 4 6 120 / 5 225 Hydraulic equipment required
Wire tension DN1121 90 1 0.5 10 / / 100 Hand installation
Steel boat suspension clamp CGG-4 90 1 1 20 / / 110 A hysteresis loss
Power suspension clamp HOU-114 150 1 1 20




/ -11130 State Power to take test data Energy saving.
Detonation pressure connecting tube round JBD-300Q 160 3 9 180   10 350 Required (to take) jacket, equipment, tools; easy to burn water break
Full tension splice  QJ240/30 340 1 1 20 / / 360 Hand installation


1. Shading with the traditional gold band, and its behavior under the alternative model fitting preformed.

2. Labor costs by 20 yuan / hour. Energy costs by 30 years (that is 262,800 hours) design life, price 0.5 yuan / KW. When the calculation. (Loss of 58.8 suspension clamp steel boat, electric energy 27.2 suspension clamp)

3. "-" Except that the capital after the value created.

4. Follow the traditional line in the repair, the need to lay down the line, after operations on the ground, and then hung up.

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