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Armour rods with the more traditional electric power tools electric power, with its unique advantages, are increasingly won the majority of electric power with clients, its products tension clamp, suspension clamp, connecting fittings, protective fittings.  Clamp for transmission and distribution lines overhead insulated wire or bare wire installation. It can replace traditional bolt-type, hydraulic-type Clamp, its structure is simple, pre-twisted wire legs after installation tubular structure formed by winding the wire naturally produces a strong grip on power, grip strength is not a small clamp calculated at 95% of the wire tensile force; clamp uniform stress distribution on the conductor, does not damage the wire and improve the wire vibration capability, greatly extending the service life of wire; simple installation, ease of construction, which can greatly shorten the construction time; no any special tools, one person can complete the operation; clip is easy to install quality assurance, can be inspected with the naked eye, without special training; good corrosion resistance, the material is consistent with lead to ensure that the clamp with a strong anti- chemical corrosion. Their products at pre-wire resistance wire cutter clamp for ACSR, aluminum stranded wire, insulated wire;  Clamp Ground: Ground for strand; for fixed pole, Eiffel Tower, to the cable clamp slightly Bota La lines can replace commonly used wedge clamp. Pre-wire cable suspension clamp is used to fix the insulation of straight string on the tower or hang the lightning towers in a straight line on it instead of the current line use XGU, XGF such ship hanging clamp, which consists of rubber, into the hyperbolic drum-type vibration pad, vibration pad pre-twisted wire are wound around the aluminum, in the pre-twist yarn with high strength aluminum alloy outer cover shell, coupled with the aluminum outer shell sets of U-card form, taking advantage of hyperbolic drum-type vibration damping pad to cover the suspension of the conductor, with grip force, the corona is small, light weight, magnetic losses, the suspension point stress distributed to the entire length of pre-twisted wire, effectively reducing the wire static stress suffered caused by aeolian vibration and dynamic stress, avoid wire damage; dispersed suspension point of stress concentration, but also greatly improve the fatigue resistance wire to extend the service life of wire; pre-twisted wire to provide a reliable grip evenly distributed, can bear a higher load imbalance, thereby avoiding lead slip, non-magnetic material of the clamp specially designed to reduce electromagnetic loss and the elimination of corona discharge, the more traditional gold has obvious energy-saving features; pre-twisted wire structure formation, enhance the stiffness of wire hang points, increasing the radius of curvature, single pivot clamp up to 30 degree turn angle, double pivot clamp up to 60 degrees steering angle; In summary, pre-twisted wire suspension clamp suitable for 220KV or more lines, and heavy ice, span line project. Into preformed suspension clamp: Vertical preformed wire clip for ACSR single / double pivot wire, aluminum wire single / dual fulcrum wire;  suspension clamp-type ground for strand single / double pivot ground, aluminum covered steel strand and single / dual point ground. Preformed fitting for connecting the wires of overhead power lines and lightning line of two terminals to withstand lightning conductor and the connecting line of all the tension of all the tension and not subject to continuation, but also for the conductor and lightning line break plastic repair, it can be instead of the traditional clamp pressure pipes, hydraulic pipes, burst pressure of pipes, and bolts connecting the equipment, and continue with the traditional gold, compared with no need to carry equipment and tools, a simple structure, easy installation, manual installation of wire legs after the formation of pre- wire wrapped around the tubular structure of the natural ground line, can produce a very strong grip force. Jie Xu good quality, high corrosion resistance, stress distribution, light weight and flexible, do not affect the mechanical properties of the original wire and electrical properties, its characteristics, for a single material conductor, such as aluminum and aluminum alloy conductor splice, etc. Grounded completely restored mechanical strength can reach 100% original / derivative pull off the calculation of ground forces, and the length of the connecting wires within the electrical conductivity greatly improve the performance of the same material for non-conductors, such as the steel core aluminum twisted lines connecting different circumstances, the disconnect for the whole sub-tension splice, the outermost 50% aluminum-off for the general follow the same can be done to restore its original mechanical and electrical properties of the wire; good corrosion resistance, pre-hinged splice wire used the same materials and to avoid electrochemical corrosion between the material; as a conductor and ground Preformed splice, the inner coating layer of good electrical conductivity properties of sand, which continue after good conductivity; easy to install, splice in the line may hand the case off installation, install quickly and easily simple adaptability, light weight, flexible, strong vibration and long service life and its products continue to lead Article jumper splice, ACSR full tension splice, T-splice, strand pulling / ground wire splice, aluminum coated steel cable with a splice. When the outer layer of aluminum and aluminum conductors ACSR full cut, splice wires can be used, while the full cut ACSR, then all-tension splice; jumper splice tension for non-bearing state continue to replace traditional and groove folder; preformed ground splice pack for aluminum and steel wire strand for ground, the two-wire connection disconnected, it needs from the mechanical strength, electrical properties of the two indicators to consider ; terminal splice preformed aluminum-clad steel wire strand for use as a pull when the line connecting the two disconnected, it need only consider the mechanical properties, electrical properties without consideration, T Preformed splice type, mainly used for lead line and then lead the T-fork connection, the grip strength of not less than the tensile force wire rated 25%, which replaces the original T-clamp with the traditional gold, making it easy to install without any tools, material unity, to avoid electrochemical corrosion, which is widely used for ACSR, aluminum wire T-interface; ACSR Full Tension splice, by the three layers, and the inner steel core of the continuation of the middle Fill the outer mainly for the repair of electrical performance, innovative design, operation simple, at the end of the snow disaster has been further verified and widely used. Preformed armor to protect the wires from vibrating lines, clamp pressure stress, friction and wear, arcing and other damage, usually installed in the ship and the pillars of insulation in the suspension clamp, and to increase wire stiffness and reduce the exit leads online Folders Additional bending stress and strengthen the capacity of wire vibration, also be used as Buxiu article, it points to the line and preformed armor protection preformed short lines, its simple structure, a set of pre-twisted wire to form an empty tube, wrapped in wire and grip to protect the conductor wire, preformed armor lines will focus on the most important aspect is the stress evenly dispersed, not only improves the capacity of wire vibration, but also extend the service life of wire, bare install, without carrying tools, a can be completed , quality is easy to guarantee the naked eye can be detected, generally considered the appearance of beautiful, when the outer layer of ACSR and aluminum wire 25-50% damage, use the line can be preformed armor doubles as a Buxiu article. 25-50% of copper wire breakage when the outer layer of copper wire lines for Buxiu care; when the outer layer of ACSR and aluminum wire breakage <25%, with a short retaining preformed lines double as repair, When the outer strand breakage <25%, the available short-strand line Buxiu care.

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