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The future development trend of electric power tools products

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Electric power is connected and combined with the various types of power system devices, transmission machinery, electrical load and play a protective role of metal accessories, the power transmission project plays an important role. Product quality not only related to the safe operation of power grid, also related to the personal and property safety. As early as 1986 the State Council departments will be included in electric power production license in product management. Electric power unit with a production license for the class of malleable cast iron, forging class, aluminum copper and aluminum type, cast iron. In accordance with the role of products, commonly divided into suspension clamp, strain clamp, connecting fittings, connecting fittings, protection fittings, cable fittings, equipment, clamp, T-clamp, fixed fittings and other 9 categories, for variety of voltage levels power transmission project. Since the implementation of electric power with production license has more than 210 existing card companies, of which there are three foreign-funded enterprises, a total of more than 410 production units. Manufacturers distribution throughout the country, including Jiangsu, Zhejiang provinces the most, accounting for 1 / 3 or more units of different enterprise products, the variety of different, very different production scale, the annual output value ranging from a few million to hundreds of millions. 500KV transmission now has a production qualification of gold about 30 companies, producing a 750KV power transmission companies have gold 15, gold production 1000KV a UHV power transmission companies have 11; these companies have strong production capacity and higher management level, is the current leading position in electrical fittings. Evidence ranging from enterprises to obtain the number of product units, for four product units have more than 50 companies, with 500KV and above the production line fittings qualified enterprises are basically four product unit certificate; have 3 or 2 products unit Most companies do not produce environmental reasons, malleable iron products, a product unit of the company most malleable iron products, and pre-hinged fittings. Preformed fitting mainly OPGW, ADSS fiber optic cable facilities, existing PLP than a dozen manufacturers, a product unit of the company only produced insulated conductor vibration hammer or supporting the equipment, these enterprises generally not large in scale. "Eleventh" Five-Year period, the State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Corporation invested more than 1.4 trillion yuan, the State Grid Corporation of 1000KV Nanyang - Jingmen UHV DC is under construction. The development of electric power construction, and promote the production of business equipment increased investment and new product development. Such as cast aluminum with die-casting technology, surface peening, material is also extended to the ZL102 ZL104, 101A, aluminum castings to improve strength and appearance. The electric power enterprises in the processing equipment with the acquisition of tons of high-pressure die casting machine 800,1000,1250, 630,1000 ton friction press, frequency heating equipment, CXE CNC cutting machine, CNC bending machine, 1000KN horizontal tensile machine large equipment, the production and testing capacity has been significantly improved. Electrical fittings industry experts point out that the future development trend of electric power products primarily in a 500KV power transmission lines and distribution lines above the fitting energy-saving products. Such as: Aluminum suspension clamp, preformed electrical fittings, damping spacer, grading rings, and new energy-saving anti-vibration hammer instead of non-magnetic materials, ferromagnetic materials with energy-saving ordinary gold. The electric power is only increasing with business equipment investment, the use of advanced technology, improve product quality and enhance market competitiveness.

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