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Extension Project of 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Demonstration Project put into Use

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The extension project of 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi- Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Demonstration Project was officially put into operation. The project, domestically researched, designed, manufactured and constructed, is currently of the highest voltage, with the strongest transmission capacity and the most advanced technological level in operation in the world.


The ceremony was held at the SGCC headquarters and presided by the people who associated with this project.The 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi- Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Demonstration Project was officially put into use on January 6, 2009 and has maintained a stable operation as an essential north-south power transmission channel in China. To maximize the transmission capacity of this pilot project and further improve the optimal allocation ability of power resources between North China and Central China, the National Development and Reform Commission approved its extension project in December 2010, which started in January 2011 and was completed in October the same year. The system adjustment was finished on December 9 2011. The project also underwent a 168-hour trial run. After the expansion, the three stations of Southeast Shanxi, Nanyang and Jinmen are equipped with two UHV transformers with a capacity of 3 million kVA. The line has installed 40% UHV series compensator and is capable of transmitting 5 GW.

After strict system adjustment and test runs, the project realized the stable transmission of 5 GW power on a single-circuit 640-kilometer-long UHV AC transmission line. The grid and equipment are both in stable operation, achieving a world record of UHV AC transmission capacity. The project’s success further validates the advantage of large-capacity, long-distance, and low-loss UHV transmission. It’s a major accomplishment of China’s independent innovation in the energy sector and an important milestone in the world history of electricity.

Based on project construction, SGCC has relied on independent innovation, tackled a series of technical difficulties, and made breakthroughs in UHV transmission series compensation, over-voltage control, CFTO measurement and control, secondary arc current, electromagnetic environment, large complex electrode operation impulse discharge characteristics, large-scale quake-proof power equipment, and large grid operation control technologies. The company has also been taking the lead in the world to grasp the technology of UHV large-capacity transmission system integration. Setting its foot in China, SGCC has been the world’s first to successfully develop UHV new equipment of the highest level globally, such as UHV series compensation, large-capacity UHV switch, and two-stub UHV transformer. The equipment, over 90% localized, set a new world record for the main transforming equipment, with outstanding indicators and stable performance. 


Liu Zhenya the SGCC president, said in his speech that the successful operation of the project further established China’s leadership in UHV transmission, upgraded China’s independent innovation capability and core competitiveness in electrical equipment industry. It bears great significance to build a strong UHV backbone grid, promote the intensive development for major energy bases powered by coal, water, nuclear and renewable energy, realize large-scale optimal energy allocation, and boost the construction of China’s modern comprehensive energy transportation system.

UHV development has been incorporated into the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of the national economic and social development. The success operation of the extension project laid a solid foundation for the Twelfth Five-Year grid development. Liu Zhenya emphasized that SGCC, with the support and guidance from the Central Committee of CPC and the State Council, would continue implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development, innovating, pioneering, striving and pursuing excellence, and sparing no efforts to construct, operate and develop the UHV power grid. Leaders from Hubei, Shanxi and Henan provinces fully affirmed the achievement made in the project construction in their speeches, sang highly of the project’s significance to their economic and social development, and proposed their expectations to accelerate the development of UHV transmission, provide reliable electricity supply, and ensure energy safety.



(News from State Grid corporation of China.)

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