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Overhead Power Ground Wire (OPGW) Fiber Cable Introduction

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OPGW is a dual functioning cable performing the duties of a ground wire and also providing a patch for

the transmission of voice, video or data signals . The fibers are protected from environmental conditions

(lightning, short circuit, loading) to ensure reliability and longevity. The cable is designed to be installed

on transmission and distribution lines to carry voice, data and video communications, especially in

lighting waveform monitoring system, an observation system for overhead test line, maintenance

data information system, power line protection system, power line operation system, and unmanned

substation monitoring.



OPGW cable has two constructions:


Central loose tube type---The fibers is placed loosely in a sealed and water resistant stainless steel tube

filled with water blocking gel. This tube provides protection to the fibers during installation and operation

under severe environmental conditions. Aluminium layer over the tube is optional. The stainless optical

tube is located at the center of the cable protected by single or multiple layers of aluminium clad steel

and aluminium alloy wires. The Aluminium-clad steel wires are shaped trapezoidally around the optical

unit to provide compact construction. The metallic wires provide mechanical strength to withstand

severe installation and operating conditions, while achieving conductivity to control temperature rise

during short circuit conditions.


This type can accommodate up to 48 fibers in a cable. Despite such a high fiber count in a single tube,

each optical fiber is clearly distinguishable utilizing a fiber identification system consisting of coloring

and the number of ring marks on it. This compact design features high mechanical strength and fault

current rating within a smaller diameter. The smaller diameter also results in excellent sag tension



Multi loose tube type--- The fibers is placed loosely in a sealed and water resistant stainless steel tube

filled with water blocking gel. Two or three stainless steel optical tubes are helically stranded in the inner

layer of a multiple-layer cable.

The multi loose tube type is designed mostly for very high fiber count requirement over 48 with the

maximum fiber count reaching 144. The multi loose tube type can meet the requirement of huge cross

and large current capacity.

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