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What Is Fiber Optic Communication?

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First, let’s introduce communication system to you, it has three main phases:


2.Transmission Media (Fiber Optic)

3. Receiver


Suppose two persons are sanding at short distance. One person says something to another person by shouting. Voice travels via a medium air. When the distance is longer than, we can not transmit the voice by air only. At this time it is very necessary that we have to use some medium which could carry the sound wave along with.

When transmission takes place between two devices transmitting medium is required. These transmission media are the transmission lines or communication channels.


Here we are going to introduce Fiber Optic Communication: transmitting information from one place to another by sending light through an optical fiber.The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave which is modulated to carry information.


Fiber Optic developed in the 1970’s. Fiber optic has revolutionized the telecommunication industry and offers the advent of the information technology.


In Fiber Optics, semiconductors lasers transmit information in the form of light passing through the hair thin glass fibers, with no significant loss of intensity over very long distance.


Electrical signals are converted into light wave and feed to the optical fiber medium which carries the light signals to the another end and than again the light signals are converted to the electrical signals with the help of photoelectric diode. These signals are amplified and sent to the receiver. Advantages of the optical fiber:- Optical fiber provides high quality of transmission of signals at very high speed. Whereas in copper wire transmission it takes about one hour but in optical fiber it just took one second. Optical fiber may be used to communicate either analog or digital signals. In analog transmission, the light intensity varied continuously but, in digital transmission the light source is tuned on and off. Optical fiber transmission is not affected by the electromagnetic interference , by which noise and distortion are also reduced which provides the better communication. Optical fibers provide the security to our information which we used to transmit over the medium. Due to all above mentioned points optical fiber is popular and growing very rapidly in the market.

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