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ADSS Cable and Electric Power Lines

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From the mid of 1990s, our country begin to introduce ADSS fiber optic cable. So far , the line in a variety of voltage levels on the erection of the ADSS fiber optic cable estimated to have reached tens of thousands of kilometers, which accounts for half of 110kv and above. China ADSS fiber optic cable for the highest voltage rating of 220kv, the maximum span of 1228 ~ 1420m, the maximum number of 64 to 108 core. In terms of quantity , range of applications , the use of voltage level , span and the number of core terms , China has become the top user of ADSS fiber optic cable


ADSS fiber optic cable and the relationship between the tower


In fact , when the original tower was designed, it never considered any object outside of the additional , and not leaving enough "space" for the ADSS cable. so-called " space" includes not only the installation of fiber optic cable hang point , also includes the mechanical strength of towers and other related factors. In other words , ADSS fiber optic cable can only try to "adapt " the original tower .


By acceptance and usage, tower can be divided into two major categories, pole and line tower . These two types of tower can be made ​​of reinforced concrete "cement pole " , it can be made ​​of angle iron " tower ."


load-bearing tower

Such towers to withstand the normal vertical line tension and incidents of break the tension , according to the purpose can be divided into anti- sheets, corner , end , branches and other towers .


Typically , Tension fittings will be install together with ADSS fiber-optic cables in the tower. Bearing plate and the tower is a cable with an important basis for joint position . Additional load-bearing towers shall be subject to cable strength checking , confirm in extreme weather conditions the additional tension on the cable tower is still safe.


Straight pole

This is the largest number of transmission lines in the tower , they are on a straight line for line , supporting the vertical lines (such as gravity ) and horizontal loads ( eg wind load ) . According to usage , tower can be divided into the corner tower , transposition tower , across tower etc.

ADSS fiber optic cable lines are usually not straight pole cable connector on the arrangements , in principle, use the suspension clamp.


Pole-Tower Type

Poles-towers type is related to transmission line's voltage class, line number of times and wire structure, climatic conditions, terrain geological condition and other factors.. Our tower type a lot, very complex. Cable and tower mount point type options are directly related to and directly affect the life. ADSS cable away from the phase conductor can be installed a certain point of view is wrong, at least not strictly .


The relationship between ADSS fiber optics and electric wire mechanics


Meteorological condition and combination

The ADSS fiber optics's mechanical strength and even the cable optical fiber's transmission performance must be able to adapt the nature meteorological change. Therefore, we must understand and have the climatic data along the route, for example, the highest temperature, the lowest temperature, annual average temperature, maximum wind speed, maximum wind speed and the biggest regelation and so on.

It’s unnecessaryto take the extreme value to calculate the wind speed, regelation, and the temperature. General principle is:


  1. Maximum wind speed but not ice , temperatures take the month average temperature with major wind;
  2. When the maximum ice cover , generally ,the wind speed take 10m / s or 15m / s, temperature take -5 ℃;
  3. When the temperature is lowest , ice and wind does not appear.

ADSS fiber-optic cables is usually not the new line , so, should be noted that when the ADSS fiber optic cable used in the selection of weather conditions combined with the original circuit design conditions should be consistent.


Stress--- Sag--- Span

Both ends of the adjacent tower overhead line or cable suspension points at the midpoint and the vertical distance from overhead lines as the mid-point sag , also known as sag . When the high point of suspension at both ends , the sag and stress of the relationship:


l: Span(m)

δ: Lowest point of overhead line stress(N/mm²)

g: Overhead lines set(N/m.mm²), And meteorological conditions associated with weight

f: Overhead lines sag



ADSS optical cable mechanical parameters

ADSS cable stress-strain behavior

As we all know , fiber optic cable strain characteristics depend on the modulus of elasticity , modulus of elasticity mainly determined by the cable reinforcement . On ADSS fiber optic cable , the elastic modulus mainly depends on the modulus and volume


UTS(Ultimate Tensile Strength)

Calculation of the wire pull-off force as UTS, also known as breaking strength , breaking force integrated . The total cross section calculations , UTS is the key technical parameters commonly used wire . ADSS fiber optic cable with metal wire strength calculation is different from the general to carry the device section rather than the whole cross-section calculations , because in addition to carrying out of the part on the strength of the contribution of other components have been small to negligible . ADSS cable is generally not emphasized UTS parameters.


RTS(Rated Tensile Strength)

Metal wire in the strand after a slight decline in strength , fiber optic cable into the cable , the elastic modulus will fall , after deducting the down part of the calculation of strength of the cable , said RTS. But also because of Aramid tensile strength of this particular material has some discrete , so more on the ADSS cable RTS, the RTS can also be popularly understood as a guarantee of ADSS cable tensile index, tensile test that must be met or exceed the nominal value.


MOTS(Maximun Operating Tension Strength) or MWS(Maximum Working Stress)

This parameter corresponds to the maximum allowable stress of wire , wire in the MOTS is in the design of the extreme weather conditions, the maximum stress occurs when there is a certain corresponding UTS values ​​of safety factor .




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