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ADSS Cable can be live working?

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Recently , many customers ask if ADSS fiber optic cable can be used in live working ? It means ADSS fiber optic cable installed in more than 35KV high-voltage lines, away from the location of high-voltage lines of 100 centimeters , in the case of power construction work .
The HOPE answer is : Yes, certainly .

Because ADSS fiber optic cable which all components are non-metallic waterproof fire-retardant materials , the structure is as follows :


This structure guarantees the ADSS fiber optic cable itself is completely non-conductive , but also in the case of power construction work . But the constructions must note the following:

1 : In the time of construction can not let the ADSS cable wet or hit the water , because in the time of construction , near the site may have puddles , construction workers are not careful , let the fiber optic wet , this is very dangerous because of  the cable is often encounter high-voltage lines the when construction.

2 : Avoid outdoor work in the storm .

3: the cable fixed fittings not to touch the high-voltage lines.


If you according to above items when you in construction, ADSS Cable of course can be live working.

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